Brickyard Cove | Freeport, Maine

This beautifully wooded oceanfront site in Freeport, while having many great qualities, came with a lot of constraints. With setbacks from lot lines, the ocean, and a stream bisecting the property, the buildable area was very limited. The form of the house took shape to fit within these boundaries. Other structures within the project include a pool house and a private bridge that provides a connection over the stream to the main house and the ocean.

Fusing traditional and modern styles was a major objective in the design process. The house is composed of two converging gable forms that are met with a square glass entryway at their intersection. Tall walls of glass provide a sense of connection to the outside environment along with dynamic views of the ocean and neighboring islands. The floating guest suite sits on a cantilever over the carport and provides a view back to the bridge and pool house. Traditional materials and natural colors help to complement the wooded surroundings.

The shape of the pool house echoes the criss-crossing gables of the main house. This auxiliary structure provides not only access to the swimming pool, but an enclosed garage, a wood shop, and a second floor with recreation space and sleeping quarters. The reiteration of materials and design features are intended to provide harmony between the main house, bridge, and pool house.

  • Project Type: New Build
  • Location: Freeport, Maine
  • Landscape: Terrence J. Dewan & Associates
  • Build: M.R. Brewer
  • Engineer: Albert Putnam Associates, LLC
  • Interior Design: Jenkins Baer Associates